Hi, I started learning counselling ten more years ago.  There were a lot of great people whom I met, suffering from stresses which affect their daily lifes.  In the past decade, I have worked in organizations as a full time counsellor, armed with years of experience in supervising the hotline and emotion support personnel. In addition, I manage a team of counsellors regarding their front line administration.  

Apart from exploring the emotional needs together with the clients, managing stresses and interpersonal relationships, my biggest strength is walking together with the clients to face their deeply-rooted issues. I would also take the lead with the client to explore their hope. When the client has developed with addictive behaviors / self-harm ideations, I will do my best to explore the ‘exceptions’ together with the client.  

At the beginning of counselling, a trusting, therapeutic alliance will be built between me and the client. This loosen up the client’s self-defense mechanism, which is then, followed by quick and effective ways to sort out the core issues the client is facing. By walking together, the client and I will discover how some crucial details or forgotten incidents affect the client in his daily life.  After the processes of ‘Discover, Review and Decision making’, the client always has a sense of renewal. 

My clientele includes first time users of counselling, people with prior counselling experiences, people who are seeing psychiatrist or have been admitted in hospital previously, as well as for those looking to support their friends and families. The age group of clients I service ranges from high school students to around age 75. I also meet people of different professionals or with various business backgrounds. 

My other profession is a father to two young children. My work as a counsellor and a father has enriched my life’s experience and personal growth tremendously. I look forward to experiencing the counselling journey with you as you grow!

Specialization in self-esteem, addictive behaviors / self-harm ideations, self-understanding and development, stress from work / school refuser, intimacy and family relationship counselling, Applied include Satir Model, Bowen Theory, Narrative Theory, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

MSS Counselling (University of Hong Kong)
MSS Psychology (Credit) (Education University of Hong Kong)
BSc (Business and Management Studies) (University of Bradford, UK)

Certified Counsellor, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
Member, Hong Kong Psychological Society