Mendy Kwong 鄺雯荻


I started my career in finance and information technology fields two decades ago where I have had opportunity to experience and witness various struggles people have in the workplace. This has triggered my interest and passion to learn more about people through studying Master of Social Sciences (counselling) at the University of Hong Kong.

I am particularly interested in couple counselling given my volunteering experience working with pre-marriage couples as well as retiring couples. I am a strong believer in preventive measures and effective communication. I believe it is much easier to resolve couple relationship issues before the situation gets out of control. With a loving and caring couple relationship, children in the family have a better chance to grow happily and healthily.

By growing up in HK, living in Australia for some years and working in multinational companies in HK, I have gained some insight of cultural differences and am aware of various communication styles when dealing with people.

Areas of expertise:
Couple relationship in different life stages using emotion-focused therapy
Personal growth

Master of Social Sciences (Counselling)
Prepare/Enrich counsellor

Professional Memberships:
CPA of Australia