Katy Mok 莫浣雯

Trainer in Mindfulness and Psychology based Programmes

Hello! I am Katy Mok and I am a seasoned trainer in mindfulness, positive psychology, EQ, communications, personality and other psychology programmes.

Mindfulness and Psychology based Training
From my past years of clinical practice, corporate training and academic teaching experiences, I frequently witnessed the significant transformations Mindfulness and Positive Psychology brought to individuals and groups. Numerous researches in the past 3 decades already proved that mindfulness based training can enhance our concentration, communication, relationships and be more emotionally stable.

With a solid foundation in counselling and coaching, I am resourceful in using evidence-based psychological interventions in training programmes including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy and personality analysis to help people to manage their stress, their relationships and their lives in general. My style is known to be experiential, creative and compassionate.

Areas of Expertise

Positive Psychology
Emotional Intelligence
Personality Analysis
Emotion-focused therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy

Master of Social Sciences (Counseling), University of Hong Kong
Graduate of one-year Teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course organized by Oxford University’s Mindfulness Centre and HK Mindfulness Centre
MyMind Advanced Mindfulness Teacher Training
Mindfulness Stress Reduction Programme
Certified Counsellor, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
Master of Business Administration, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Certified EQ Practitioner, Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Certified NLP Trainer
Certified Master Coach from American Board of NLP
Certified Enneagram Trainer
Certified Enneagram Advanced Coach from Enneagram in Business in United States

Professional Memberships
Member, Hong Kong Psychological Society
Teacher Community, Hong Kong Centre for Mindfulness
Certified Counsellor, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
Certified Hypnotherapist, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association