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Professional Counselling Centre in Hong Kong


Making Professional Counselling approachable, accessible, comprehensible, and simple

Psychological Stress is very common among us. Yet it has been neglected, misunderstood, and avoided all along.

THE COMPANIONS 匡仁心理輔導 is dedicated in promoting people’s psychological well-being. We are committed to help people understand that Counselling is reachable, comprehensible, helpful and necessary for us to live the healthiest lives.


We believe the more people understand, accept, and try out counselling for early help, the better/happier this place will be

We are a professional counselling centre in Hong Kong providing effective Coaching, Counselling, and Mentoring services. Our Partners are all qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds and all of us are interested in the well-being of others. Counselling is the core base of all our services, helping clients to gain in-depth insights of their areas of concern. Moreover, Our Partners all use well-researched psychological approaches to ensure safety and peace of mind of our clients.

Hong Kong is a stressful city. We believe the more people understand, accept, and try out counselling for early help, the better/happier this place will be.

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At the moment, there is a basic knowledge gap in what counselling is? What it does? Who needs it? And where to find them? There is too little information. We wish we can bridge this gap wherever possible. Hence, other than Clinical Counselling Services, we also wish to bring as much information as possible via our blog on our website.

We believe medicine, among other benefits, can deal with obvious distress symptoms (like western medicine) such as depression, anxiety; however, what really heals/helps a person with psychological problems is to help this person explore his/her deeper personal issues (like Chinese medicine) which could have led to their recurrent symptoms. In fact, problems can usually be prevented if we deal with our feeling of distress early enough. We feel everyone at a point in time, would need some cleaning up of our internal systems so we can continue to be an effective person. Therefore, counselling is for all of us, who feel unhappy or stuck. Not for those people who made us upset.

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Who we are

We house 10 experienced Counsellors

We come with a variety of expertise and therapeutic approaches. A lot of our partners came from commercial backgrounds, hence providing hands on experience of distress from executives and management perspectives.

11 Counsellors
17 Avg. Years of experience
2852 Happy Clients

We are waiting for you. Help us help you.